Hyper Void Review

Hyper Void, a neon–cross-dimensional wormhole shoot ’em up, is the first official game from IN|Framez. Hyper Vision was created by two brothers with a love for old school KONAMI space shoot ’em ups who also drew inspiration from other classics of the genre. It was released on the Xbox One 6th January, 2016 and is also available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 with a planned future release for PC (Windows 10).

Admittedly, the trailer filled me with an excitement that I haven’t felt in years that was comparable to going to the arcades many, many years ago. Arcades used to be about many things but their main attraction for me was getting to play games that I could never play in the comfort of my own home. In modern times, gaming PCs and consoles have somewhat stole that magic by delivering the arcade experience to your home. Hyper Void has tapped into that lost magic with its hypnotic visuals and it’s fun, yet challenging gameplay that would see me out of pocket if I were playing it in an arcade.

This is the first time space battles occur not only in the depths of galaxies, but right inside cross-dimensional wormholes!

Punch your way through waves and waves of enemies from all races in the universe as you travel through volatile and crazy wormholes, all rendered in high-quality 3D with a heart-pumping progressive soundtrack!

Over 25 levels are awaiting you, filled with challenge and dangerous big boss encounters. And if that wasn’t enough, three EPIC boss showdowns will test every space combat skill you have!

Are you ready to embark on the mission that will determine the fate of our race?

You pilot the RM-24 as a combat and defense specialist on a recon mission to investigate recent extraterrestrial hostilities following a super nova explosion.

As you leave the safety of the defense grid you realize that there’s no tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with the controls. The first few levels introduce you to general gameplay and introduce more challenging enemies, hazards, and mechanics as you progress through the game.

Levels are traversed in 3rd person perspective, set behind the RM-24. You’re able to move left and right with the additional dash function which grants a temporary invincibility against most hazards. The movements could be construed as “limiting” during the normal space sections since you can’t move forward but that all changes when inside wormholes. The wormholes take many forms and you’re able to pilot the RM-24 around the many different shapes and variations often being able to move around the full circumference of the wormhole.

The RM-24 is equipped with 3 weapons to fight against enemies and hazards alike, each with distinctive attributes and damage output;

  • Rapid and weak
  • Constant and medium
  • Slow and strong

All three weapons are limited by a shared resource pool that does recharge but forces you to be more precise with attacks rather than spamming attacks all over the screen. There are numerous temporary power-ups along the way that help you, from all out weapon overload that has you firing all weapons simultaneously, to invincibility.

If you’re able to exceed the high score at the end of a level, you unlock Hyper mode which offers a more challenging and faster paced arcade experience. Hyper mode unlocks on a per level basis and is another plus for Hyper Void.

A modern arcade classic with an awesome soundtrack to keep the adrenaline pumping. This perspective bending shooter may lend from old classics but has managed to define it’s own personality.

What the brothers, Homam and Wessam Bahnassi have created is something more than a nostalgic trip, more than a tribute or love letter – this is modern arcade at its best!

You’ll have use everything at your disposal to fight back against the many raiding aliens and navigate the dangers of space and cross-dimensional travel through beautifully design and rendered scenes. The fact that the environments respond to the music and action adds to the impressiveness of the game.

Fans of the genre should definitely give this one a try, it plays as wonderful and as crazy as it looks.

Your trigger finger/thumb will be tested along with your skills to evade and maneuver!