Gauntlet Review

Games about dungeons (and dragons) have been around for longer than I care to remember. The earliest text base adventures involved venturing forth into the depths of a dungeon to discover the wonders and loot they held. Along the way, battling evil forces on the journey to complete the quest. This age old story and concept has been the core for MANY games through the years. Ranging from the board games and dungeon masters, through to the likes of Diablo 3, which adds a whole new world of complexity to it’s masses of armor and weaponry.

There is much to this game that you would expect, multiple classes to choose from, endless dungeons to explore, so much loot to make your pockets heavy with, and plenty of slaughter (as the title suggests). The classes for this game go beyond your typical warrior, archer and mage. Gauntlet wants to give you more to experiment and play with, so as well as the standard three, there is also a Necromancer and Valkyrie. The Necromancer uses spells of the dead to resurrect allies to your side, whilst the Valkyrie uses her spear and shield to hold her ground and strike heavily against the enemies. (Think 300 with Captain America’s shield throwing skill). As your progress through the dungeons you can swap between classes, as one may be better suited for that enemy/dungeon type.

With each run of the Gauntlet you acquire gold to customize and level up your characters. New weapons, spells, armor, and relics are on offer. Each changing the abilities of your characters to make them more powerful and potentially better suited to an area. These do not come cheap though! Don’t think you’ll be able to buy the best equipment any time soon. Like with any dungeon crawler it takes time, skill, and patience to acquire your small fortune, to buy that new sword you’ve had your eye on for so long!

The game modes available to start off with are your standard story campaign, venture forth into the Gauntlet to seek your fame and fortune. Starting at the higher levels and simpler enemies they soon build up and within a few levels you feel you’re battling an entire army. For those wanting to push themselves with a challenge there is an Endless mode, which lets your fun an infinite dungeon until you’re overcome and killed. A great feature though is that both game modes feed into the same gold pot. So which ever mode you try, all the loot you earn goes towards the customization for that character.

If you’re a more social gamer though and prefer to buddy up, then Gauntlet has you covered. With up to 4 players co-op, both online and local, the carnage and mayhem only gets bigger when you have your friends by your side. Difficulties with playing solo is some classes will struggle alone (mage class), but with a few buddies this class can support a bigger team and make you a real slaughter squad.

Gauntlet is a great game, that has a lot of legs and will absorb your time with ease. One “quick run” will undoubtedly turn into a 3 hour run in the blink of an eye. But it feels a simpler version of some of the more technical dungeon crawlers. For the more hardcore fans who like to get into the nitty gritty details of armor classes, perks, skills etc. then I would stick with the like of Diablo 3.

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