My name is Sebastian. I’m a guy who loves developing games and anything that has to do with it. I don’t work with a team, every game I’ve developed it’s been just me.

I call it a “team” because sometimes people decide to be awesome, and help me out voluntarily with the website, specifically on game reviews. These people are contributors* and most of the time they are indie game developers themselves.

Let’s talk a bit about indie game development, shall we?

Most games don’t even get to see daylight for a couple of reasons.

Most notably:

  • Developing a game is super time consuming and it’s really hard to do in your free time if you have a full time job, family and other hobbies. This can lead to frustration and you will lose interest and eventually quit.
  • Developing a game requires money. If you are working on a game for a longer period of time, unless you are lucky and multitalented, you will encounter money issues. If you have a company you will have this problem from the start, but if you are working alone or with some friends at some point in time you have to pay for some services. And of course this problem is related to the first one because you could do freelancing in your time instead of working on your game.
  • The stores are flooded with games, especially mobile stores. Every indie game developer knows this. If the game doesn’t stand out somehow, there is a huge chance that the game will not succeed. This can demotivate people and eventually quit.

Most indie game developers don’t want to understand that marketing is a huge part of the process. I honestly think the idea of a game is 5%, the execution is 30% and the rest is marketing.

This is why I made this website; to help indie game developers (that successfully launched a game) gain more exposure, for free.

So, if you launched your game and want free promotion, don’t hesitate to submit your game – me personally, or a member of the experienced contributors* will review your game properly.

Best wishes from Set Leap Games.

*If you love reviewing indie games and would like to help me (and the community!), then join the team of contributors – contact me via email ( or send me a message via Twitter, I will reply to your request as soon as possible.